A stress free financial year is yours

The Gunn Accountant Goondiwindi

Making accounting easy for small business owners - because that’s all it should be.

simplify your systems and processes

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re sick of the pressure of lodging BAS’
  • Before you lodge that sucker you have to sit down for hours putting all the bookwork together.
  • You don’t want to ring your accountant with the niggly question that you have, as good odds they will send you a bill for it.
  • You’re a bit in the dark about how much money you must put away for the tax bill at the end of the year.
  • On top of all that you really have no clue what’s going on with that funny pink form that the tax office sent you last week?

I am here to remove the overwhelm & make accounting easy for you.

How you can work with

The Gunn Accountant Goondiwindi

Sole Trader Package

If your just starting up or like to keep things small

Micro Business Package

You have been in operation for a while and are starting to grow

Small Business Package

You now have a couple of employees and starting to see larger returns

Salary and Wage Tax Return

Just get your tax done!

The right systems to save you time

Here to help simply ease the burden.
  • Implement the right systems to save you time.
  • Use the systems to track how your business is going and answer the infamous questions:
    ** “Where did all the money go?”
    ** “Am I actually making money?”
  • Take charge.

Together we will get the books done and keep the Tax Office happy, all the while giving you tools to understand what your numbers are telling you.

Keeping it simple

Numbers aren’t meant to be complicated. I simplify your systems and processes to make understanding your tax and accounting as easy as 1,2,3.

Upfront about costs

Everyone is PETRIFIED of opening the bill from the accountant…that’s why we can provide an estimate on request.

Time saving

You have a million things to do! I help with efficient, automated & functional systems. Super efficient bookkeeping system, and I do everything accounting and tax for you.

Case Study

The perfect example of how I can help small businesses:

Greg is what we call a shoe box client…

He has a shoe box of receipts, is always short of cash because he doesn’t send invoices on time, and bills are always paid late as he never knows where he put them. He is forever paying late lodgement penalties and interest on his BAS’.

BUT he has an AMAZING unfaultable garden service.
With our systems – everything is electronic (Greg is not the most tech-savvy person either).

Greg can email his bills directly to Xero, where they are reconciled automatically with his bank feeds. Greg sends invoices from his Ipad immediately after a job while everything is fresh in his mind.

His clients pay him quicker as they can see the amazing job he has done when they get home and are happy to pay the bill, with no complaints.

At the end of each quarter, I send him a reminder email to get his Xero file up to date (which takes him half an hour).

I then review it to check that he has done everything correctly and lodge his BAS on his behalf.

Greg receives his BAS with some easy-to-understand management reports (pictures included). He is free to give us a quick call to discuss anything in them and he understands where his money is coming from and going.

Kind Words

Making accounting:


Want to up your financial intelligence and make your money work for you?

With simplicity & efficiency, I will help level up your money knowledge and get just a tiny bit nerdy with me.

Get organised and efficient - save time.
A stress-free financial year is yours..