A stress free financial year is yours

Goondiwindi Accountant

Hey, I'm Stacey!

your accounting best friend.

The Gunn Accountant is a small business like yours – I understand the challenges of operating small, it sometimes feels like a battle to wear all of the hats.

I do what I do, so you can do what you do, with confidence.

I am here to listen to you - to give you control again. This means I am your super-efficient accounting best friend.

In 2021 I started my own business very naïvely.

I had no idea that I would be required to be an expert in not just my trade, but every facet of business imaginable to mankind. There were things that I have never heard about, that I all of a sudden had to be a master at, in order to succeed.

I realised that I didn’t understand things such as marketing, pulling customers in, websites, creative copy, managing cash, legal requirements of being in business… the list is endless.
I didn’t want to contact anyone for help because I felt silly asking these things. I am an Accountant (I’m meant to know everything). And even if I wanted help, I didn’t know anyone who would help.

That’s when I realised, the businesses that succeed are those that get the help!
Its impossible to know everything, and even if you did there are not enough hours in the day.

I want to offer a compliance life raft to everyone that has felt this sense of desperate despair.

The Gunn Accountant is here to put you back in control of your bookwork, bills and invoices and I will take charge of your accounting needs and tax lodgement obligations.

I want to help people know how simple it is to level up their financial knowledge and make better business decisions.